There’s really nothing quite like a handwritten letter. As much as we love the digital age, reducing paper and streamlining processes, we know the power of the written word. We get emails, calls and comments from our customers every week, saying “thanks” and telling us what they love about our tools and our team. Those messages lift our spirits and remind us why we do what we do—and we wanted to do the same for them. 
We see our customers working long hours, following extra health and safety procedures, going above and beyond for their teams and their guests. That’s what inspires us and we wanted to make sure that our customers knew that. We let them know that we acknowledge what they’re doing, and that motivates us to keep working hard to make their jobs easier. 
So our team sat down at our desks, our coffee tables, our kitchen counters, and we wrote letters to our customers; we joined each other on video calls and talked about what we wanted to convey, what we wanted to say to the people who use our products every day; and we filmed it.
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