With the new design, TNECD.com is better equipped to keep up with growing
traffic to the website and provide a better user experience to site visitors.
TNECD.com features many new functionalities that help business prospects find
reliable information quickly and efficiently. 74% of corporate executives and site
selectors find websites to the most valuable marketing tactic. With the redesign,
TNECD.com will continue to be an important asset for the department and
The site is built on dynamic content that adapts to the user’s behavior and
remembers the user’s preferences, creating a completely new experience for
each visitor. For example, international users will be served translated content
specific to their country, automotive prospects will see content relevant to their
industry and users who select various industry advantages will view content
based upon that selection.

The site also features a redesigned Select Tennessee Certified Sites directory
tool as well as new interactive maps, an updated events calendar, search
functionality and a handful of various other new functionality.
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